Order Fulfillment

Professional Order Fulfillment and Warehousing Services 

We inventory, warehouse, pack, and ship your products so you can reclaim your garage and your life!

If you're a Small Business owner that's busting your butt and outgrowing your garage, or you spend more time packing and shipping your products than selling, let the Experts at Postal Depot help you so you can get back to the business you started.

How does order fulfillment help my business?

When you use a 3rd party for order fulfillment it's like getting another employee without the payroll expense. Postal Depot takes all the steps involved in making sure your products get delivered to your customers safe and on a timely basis. We handle receiving, processing, and delivering your orders to end customers. All you need to do it set up your account with us, provide the inventory and the end user addresses (we will track your inventory, provide shipping reports, and notify you when you're running low). 

What this means for you. You not only gain valuable time lost doing the packing and shipping but you gain the most important aspect of your business back. Imagine if you could get all those hours you spent shipping back. How much more selling could you have done?   

How easy is it? All you do is send us a list of products and shipping addresses and we pull from your inventory.
"How could order fulfillment cost less than me doing it myself?"  While there is a fee for Order Fulfillment, at Postal Depot we spread our workload over the day. We are not always busy and often find we have downtime between retail customers. Order Fulfillment lets us use our "downtime" more effectively so we can keep busy and provide a valuable service to local small business owners that need this kind of help.
Our order fulfillment customers receive a discount on shipping and packing materials as well as save travel time dropping off shipments. You'll also recapture the time it takes to restock shipping and packing supplies as well as reclaim that space in your garage. If you already have a USPS, FedEx or UPS pickup, you'll no longer have to wait around for them or put your packages outside hoping they pick up on time.  Postal Depot also removes all the hassle of packing tracking and shipping claims for loss or damage. 

Since Postal Depot keeps records of your inventory; where it was sent, what it cost, when and how often items were shipped, we can provide reports so you can use that data to make your marketing strategy even better so you can get back to growing your business. Stop working "in your business" and start working "on your business". 
Let Postal Depot be your Encinitas order fulfillment specialist so you can get back your life and your garage!

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