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If your Small Business has 'outgrown your garage' or you are spending way too much of your time packing and shipping your products...


Let the Experts at Postal Depot help you.

A few years back we found that certain customers were coming in almost daily with products that needed to be packed and shipped. We decide to offer Order Fulfillment as a strategic new service to our customers.

This meant that the customer did not have to come in on a daily basis and wait while we packed and shipped their items.

Now all they do is send us list of products and shipping addresses and we pull from their inventory that we carry at Postal Depot and ship it out. This gives us the ability to spread our workload over the day and more effectivly use our "down time". For this the customer gets a discount on shipping and packing material and they do not have to come in and wait for us to pack and ship their product. There are times that we do not see the customer for a month even though we are shipping for them almost daily.

Because we have all the  information on their inventory, where it was sent, what it cost and when and how often items were shipped to each ot their customer we can help them develop an "effective marketing stratagy" to help them grow their business.


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Give us a call at  760.436.1250  or click the button below to send us a message. We can help you with your Order Fulfillment requirements.

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