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Secure Document Shredding In Encinitas, CA

At POSTAL DEPOT, We Take Document Destruction Seriously

As identity theft continues to rise, destruction of sensitive documents is more important than ever. For more  than 7 years Postal Depot has been providing safe and secure document shredding service for North County Coastal residents.

We contract this service with one of the largest document management companies in USA to provide us with the most secure and reliable document destruction service right on our premises. All documents are cross cut for maximum security and privacy and then recycled.

Since we started providing this service he have shredded over 100,000 pounds of documents.  Documents to be shredded is securely stored on-site and is destroyed by Cintas once per month on-site.  It does not leave our custody intact.  Call to inquire about the next shredding date or bring your documents in

Up to 8 ozs 75 cents
Over 8 ozs $1.00 per pound
Bankers Box with lid (approx 16x12x10) $23 per box no matter how heavy


Plastic boxes (such as DVD cases) and metal-ring binders will be thrown out and should be removed beforehand in order to reduce the measured weight.Staples, credit cards, compact disks/DVD’s, paper clips, plastic-bound documents, and clamps do not need to be removed.

We obtain certificates of destruction from Cintas and they are available for copies upon request after the next shredding date.

By the pallet or by the pound, we’ll make sure your documents end up in a million pieces.

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For more information on our secure document shredding service, call 760.436.1250 . Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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