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Virtual Mailbox

What’s the difference between a virtual mailbox and a regular Private Mailbox?

  • There is no customer-accessible physical mailbox, so no key to lose or deposit to pay
  • You use a Virtual Mailbox when need a street address to register a business and expect very little mail
  • Gives your business a local and professional face for your target market. It makes you local without the logistics and cost of having a local office
  • 33% to 78% savings over a regular private mailbox
  • Flat fee. One price no matter how many names are registered (limit 5 names as per USPS regulations)
  • Automatic quarterly billing to your credit card.
  • We still can forward your mail to you when ever & where ever you want it
  • Per-use package acceptance (see below)
  • Up to 12 letters / large envelopes included per month. $1 each after that
  • Packages* are $2 each to receive.
  • We can even scan and email you any mail you receive

$15.00 setup fee                                       $30.00 per quarter

Call with questions: 760.436.1250

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-6:00, Saturday 9:30-3:00

* ”Packages” are defined by the USPS’ definition of:
Dimensions exceeding 12” by 15” by ¾”, non-rectangular, rigid, not uniformly thick, or over 13 ounces Mailed or Couriered items exceeding this are charged as a package at $2.00 each

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